Abundance or Living?

~ Are we giving our “Abundance” or Living”?  ~
Mark 12:44, “For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living.”
I am sure we have all read or heard this story preached about. The woman who gave her all. I know I’ve heard it many times and it’s been linked to how we should be willing just like her to give what we have and to give it willingly.
One thing jumped out at me though while I was reading this passage, not so long ago.
The words “abundance” and “living”
Now we have many things that we could say we have an “abundance” of. It could be, money, food, clothes, gadgets, talents etc. and those are all good things to have and there is nothing wrong with having an abundance of that but in this passage, I don’t think that God was just saying that He wants just our tithe or talents. He doesn’t necessarily want just our “abundances” instead, He wants our “living”.
Our lives are made up of all the things I listed. In the world we live in, for us here in the luxury and wealth that we have, there are not many of us here that can say we lack these things. But are we giving any of it for the Lord?
I don’t mean going out and giving away all our clothes and food but…what about giving God our living?
The lady in the Bible did and she did it “of her want”. She wanted to do it.
That lady cast in her two mites and that was all she had. That was her living.
We have more then two mites, we are blessed beyond measure no matter what condition we may live in. We are blessed in so many ways and yet we are only willing to give God what we are abundant in.
God doesn’t just want that, He wants our living.
We may be abundant in the ability to play an instrument, sing, write poetry, draw, talk to people and the list goes on and on and those are all good things but, God wants our “living.”
He wants it all and He deserves it.
It is not for us to keep because it is rightly His.
The other people cast in what they were abundant in. They “have more where that came from” and they were fine with giving it because they knew they had more elsewhere but this lady gave it all and she knew that was all she had.
The other people gave theirs willingly because they were abundant in it but she gave hers willingly because she wanted to.
 What are we giving God willingly because we know we are abundant in it?
What about our living? Are we willing to give God everything even if that means giving Him all that we have?
The Bible doesn’t tell us any more about that woman but I am sure that she never regretted giving away all that she had.
This lady had the faith to know that even though she was giving all she had…. her living, she knew that God would provide and He always does.
At times, it is hard to see that but in the end, He always comes through true to His word.
Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understandings.”
This is blog is short but it is something I want people to think about, if they haven’t already. I know it left me thinking. It made me wonder what was I giving the Lord freely because I knew in my heart it was something that I had lots of. Whether it was a talent that I have or money. I used my talent freely because I knew that I could do it again. I gave money willingly because I knew I had more in the bank. I gave someone the clothes that I no longer wanted because I had more in my drawer and closet.
But, am I giving God my “living”? Am I giving Him my all?
Yes, it is good to use talents for Him and tithe and help others out but…is that all I’m going to do?
Is that all you’re going to do?
Are we giving God our living?
Are we trusting Him to bring us through and provide for us?
Are we willing to give Him our all even if that means having nothing left and all we can do is trust that He will take care of us?
Are we giving God our “abundance” or our “living”?

One thought on “Abundance or Living?

  1. Well said. Made me think of Romans 12:1 “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.”
    The bible states “a living sacrifice” not just a sacrifice. I think it’s because not all Christians need to give their life for Christ. Not every Christian will be required by God to do this. However every Christian ought to be willing to present themselves “a living sacrifice”. Their living, their life.

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