Meet the Authors



FaithAnne is co-author of FAITH UNMASKED, and considers herself a writer and aspiring rhetorician. She lives in the beautiful state of Idaho, loves to talk and debate theology, and believes that God meant it when he told his followers to “teach all nations”. It is her desire to reach out to youth struggling with their faith in God, and encourage others to “prove all things; hold fast that which is good”. When it comes to hobbies, she enjoys drawing, martial arts, playing guitar and piano, reading, and exploring nature.

Sharon Warkentin

Allow me to share a little bit about myself.
Some of my hobbies/interests include photography, music, hockey (both playing and watching) and going running or other types of physical workouts. I am a born again, King James Bible believing Christian and it is something I am proud of. My main aim in my writing is focused towards the Christian young people and the struggles that they have or might have in the future years. So many people believe that a ‘good’ Christian is a flawless, and a perfect human being. I beg to differ. Having grown up in a Christian home where at one point we were under very strict and liberal laws I have seen first hand what that ‘perfect’ mentality can do in a young person’s life. I do not regret being raised up in a Christian home. I am very thankful and blessed to have been placed in this family but just because we are Christians does not mean that we don’t have the same struggles that an un-saved person has. We are still human. I am by no means a writer, any of my work is written from past experiences or “brain storms” that have come to me here and there. I hope that through this blog you will be encouraged or challenged and that God will be honoured and glorified.